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Why the Blankenship FCE System?

The Blankenship FCE system was originally developed in the 1980's and has been continuously updated to maintain its status as one of the Premier FCE systems on the market. It has stood the test of time and continues to provide the essential components for determining safe working abilities for all musculoskeletal conditions. It is the ONLY FCE SYSTEM on the market today that was identified in the Guides to the Evaluation of Functional Ability, AMA, 2009, as being "a good tool for identifying sincerity of effort given during functional testing." Don't listen to us. Listen to the independent sources that identify the Blankenship Functional Capacity Evaluation System as the best and most legally defensible system on the market! Blankenship FCE training will qualify you as an expert in providing quality FCE services. The Quest Medical Group owns the Blankenship brand and provides all the software and hardware required to complete a Blankenship FCE. 

Listen to what others are saying about the BLANKENSHIP FCE SYSTEM

The American Medical Association (AMA) published The Guides to the Evaluation of Functional Ability in 2009. They requested and reviewed information from all commercially available FCE systems on the market. The BLANKENSHIP FCE SYSTEM was the ONLY SYSTEM IDENTIFIED by the AMA as a "good tool for identifying sincerity of effort during functional testing"!

The American Medical Association


Court Decisions

The ultimate determination of an FCE's worth is how much weight the information gleaned from the FCE is given during legal proceedings. There are many examples through the years of court cases being influenced by the results of a Blankenship FCE.


The Blankenship FCE System incorporates hundreds of articles of independent research to support tests and procedures throughout the testing. One article of particular importance is "The Sensitivity and Specificity of the Blankenship FCE System's indicators of Submaximal Effort". This article and many more can be found under the Research Tab above.

                Does your current FCE System?

-give you the confidence to GUARANTEE your work conditioning results to return patients to their previous Physical Demand level?

-utilize the same philosophy/criteria as the American Medical Association recommends for collecting functional data?

-follow the recommendations outlined in the Guide to the Evaluation of Functional Ability for determining if functional data is accurate?

If you can't say yes to all of the above statements you                  need the BLANKENSHIP FCE SYSTEM!


AcuLift is a computerized isoinertial lifting tool that utilizes time synched video with computerized sensors to accurately identify when true physical overload, pain, or fear of lifting begins to affect material handling. It is the ONLY computerized lifting tool that is NOT physically connected to a lift station, allowing for true natural lifting mechanics to be evaluated. It can be used for Post Offer or regular FCE's. It provides inherent content validity for use in Post Offer testing, unlike utilizing Isometric or Isokinetic Testing systems. AcuLift integrates with the Blankenship FCE System software. 

Actual Test Screens

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