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The Quest Medical Group is the only authorized provider of authentic Blankenship FCE training material, software and equipment. Quest Medical makes it easy to obtain certification in performing the Blankenship FCE through a home training course or live interactive courses.

Home Study Course

The home study course is provided in 6 DVD's and contains 40 hours of instruction designed to establish the basic background knowledge in completing the Blankenship FCE. It contains 18 sections: Pre-FCE information, Billing, Forensic Intake Interview, Pain Questionaires, Forensic Musculoskeletal Examination, Static Strength Testing, IMH/OMH, Hand Tests, FMH, CMH, Post FCE Data, Data Analysis, Report Generation.

Blankenship FCE Training Home Study Course, Functional Capacity Evaluation, Blankenship FCE
Cost: $1700
*Successful completion of post course test is required for Certification
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Cost: $1200

*Successful completion of post course test is required for Certification.

*Discounted price for courses of 10 or more

Live Seminars

A 3 day interactive seminar covers the same information as the home study course and includes lab time and the opportunity to interact with a Blankenship Instructor, the software, and the equipment. 

Blankenship FCE Training Live Seminar, Functional Capacity Evaluation, Blankenship FCE Testing
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Permanent Partial Impairment Rating Home Study Course
Permanent Partial Impairment Rating
Designed to help PT/OT understand and assist Physicians in providing Permanent Partial Impairment Rating Reports that comply with all AMA requirements. Includes 5th Edition and 6th Edition review (Spine, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Pain) with an appropriate word template that outlines all the possible components of an impairment specific to each edition. Approved for 8 CEU hours *.
Cost: $600
*8 Contact Hours


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Post-Offer Functional Screening Home Study Course, Post-Offer Testing, POET Training
Blankenship FCE Training Mentorship Program, Blankenship FCE Testing, Functional Capacity Evaluation
Post-Offer Screening
Essential information if you are providing post-offer screening or performing FCE's on incumbent workers attempting to return to a previously held job. Outlines all relevant criteria to consider as established by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Includes relevant court cases for each criteria discussed to further elucidate the concepts with legal analysis. Approved for 8 CEU hours*.
Cost: $600
*8 Contact Hours


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FCE Mentorship
Submit one FCE per month for review and discussion with a Blankenship FCE instructor. Provides continued contact to clarify any questions which may come up as you become more comfortable with the Blankenship System.  
Cost: $600
*$50 per month


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